What is a picture without a great frame?

What is a picture without a great frame?
October 30, 2017 zincwhit

Cricket Fine Art is a contemporary art gallery based in Park Walk, Chelsea. We have collaborated with the gallery for a number of years and recently spoke with Jeanna Gorman to ask her views on how framing is an integral part of bringing the very best out of a painting.

“Over the years, working at Cricket Fine Art, it has often struck me that when you get a picture and a frame that do not match or compliment each other, the effect can be ruinous to the overall impression a work of art can make on the wall.

A great frame is absolutely vital to the whole package and we at Cricket make every effort to ensure that our artists’ work is framed in the best way possible – to suit the subject matter and the colour palette that a picture demands.

Some galleries use lots of different framers but at Cricket we have always worked with a select few, among them Zinc White in Putney, London. Why? Because we want framers who understand the delicate balance between a picture and its frame and are prepared to work with us to ensure we get this right, as often as possible.

Of course one person’s perfect frame-and-picture combination might not be ideal to someone else’s eye and artists often have very firm views on what they want. We listen and work with them and in general we feel that, more often than not, we get a result that adds to the impact of a painting.

Ian Lettice at Zinc White is typical of an expert framer who is prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that artist, gallery and customer are happy. As he points out on this website: “A frame is to art as garlic is to food.” As a painter in his own right, Ian knows how to advise on frame size, material, texture, weight and colour.

We recently sent artist Clare Granger to see Ian at his premises under the railway arches in Putney as she prepared for her current solo show with us, “Glimpses of India”. Clare wanted a London framer and together they set about making framing choices for 35 canvases, many of which were quickly snapped up. Afterwards Clare she said she was more than happy to leave Ian to make many of the final choices and she – like us – was delighted with the results.  Clare’s exhibition at Cricket Fine Art, 2 Park Walk, London, SW10 0AD runs until November 4th. You may notice that they are rather nicely framed too!.”

Contact Cricket Fine Art: info@cricketfineart.co.uk

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