‘How-to’ make a deep box frame…

‘How-to’ make a deep box frame…
November 9, 2014 zincwhit
In Framing techniques

Recently we made a deep box frames for Kristjana S Williams’ Studio www.kristjanaswilliams.com The moulding arrives in three metre lengths, ready for cutting.


The sections are cut, 16 in all, two sections make up the frames and two sections make up the spacer between the artwork and the glass. KSW_2

Here are the four frames ready for assembly.

The two frame sections are glued together.KSW_4

Then filled and sanded smooth, ready for painting. KSW_5

Undercoat and three coats, followed by a clear matt varnish.KSW_6

While the frame dries, the two spacers are painted, again, with several coats.KSW_8

The stunning artwork arrives, ready to have a back mount and backboard cut.KSW_7

Voila, looks easy, but takes a day to make the frame and fit the artwork.KSW_9

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