‘How-to’ combine moulding sections

‘How-to’ combine moulding sections
July 25, 2014 zincwhit
Arthur Meehan

A while back we framed seven photographs by the international photographer Arthur Meehan.

The moulding required was not available ‘off-the-shelf’, so we commissioned a bespoke section and combined it with a ‘off-the-shelf’ oak sight edge slip.


Here they are coming out of the packaging!


Next, they are cut and stapled. IMG_0532.

Then filled and sanded as smooth as we could make them. Next, the application of a spirit based stain, immediately followed by another coat.IMG_0533

Then 2 coats of Button polish, leaving the first to dry, before applying the second.










Then a good rub-down with wire wool.










And finally a nice thick application of polish and a thorough buffing


Then the process above starts all over again for the Oak slips.


The museum quality rag card back-mounts, Tru Vue™ Water White glass and back boards with integral condensation barrier, are cut. The frames are now ready for assembly.


The slips have pH neutral paper tape attached to their backs, as they are fitted under the glass and come into contact with the photographs.


The photos are T-hinge mounted and placed in the frames. The rear of the frames are completely covered in brown paper tape to hide the odd splash of stain and give a really professional look.


The wires and wall spacer pads are attached… and… voila! 😉



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