A frame is to art, as garlic is to food


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We’re open from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday. We’re closed on Saturday and Sunday.


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We’ve recently moved to our new ‘framery’, next to Florian Rd, in a renovated railway arch between Putney Bridge Rd and Deodar Rd..



Want to discuss something, or make a specific appointment? Call 07967 481429 or email: ian@zinc-white.co.uk


We frame pictures, prints and objects. Our frames are bespoke and made-to-order, designed to complement your artwork or home.

Whether it’s a window, float or shadow mount, we’ll make it, we stretch canvasses and make closed corner frames. Our frames are made from pre-finished mouldings, as well as raw timber. We hand finish timber frames in many styles and colours.


We’ve also made frames from reclaimed wood and other weird and wonderful materials. If you can imagine it, we can make it!

Our Framery is a renovated railway arch, between Putney Bridge Road and Deodar Road, near the Oxford Road/ Putney Bridge Road mini roundabout. There’s free parking right outside the Framery. Hope to see you soon.

Helpful and friendly

We don’t bite – whether this is your first frame or your twentieth, we can help you through the process.

Come and have a look

There’s nothing better than mixing and matching our samples in real life


Apart from frames, we also stretch canvasses, cut glass and mounts to size and make bespoke plinths for sculptures.

Colours and finishes to match your home

We can paint any frame in any colour of your choosing. The Farrow & Ball range is one of our most popular options.

In need of inspiration?

If you’re not sure what you’re after, we have a huge wall displaying examples of over 400 different mouldings.

Circular, rectangular, square and even triangular

We’ve made them all!

Cups of tea drunk.



Sq metres of glass cut.

Plasters used.

Frames made.

Frames we’ve made, frames we love…

Earlier this week we made some frames for @dioneverulam to be shown @cricketfineart. Dione specialises in #multimedia #collages. This week's works were all ski themed. The frame was painted @farrow&ball #skimmingstone. The black trim is under the glass, supported by another 6mm spacer, to create a lovely deep shadow around the frame. ...

Just made by us under the art direction of @kristianaswilliams for her upcoming show @paulsmithdesign. On display at the Paul Smith #AlbemarleStreet flagship store in #Mayfair, opening on 6th Nov. ...

Just made by us under the art direction of @kristianaswilliams for her upcoming show @paulsmithdesign. On display at the Paul Smith #AlbemarleStreet flagship store in #Mayfair, opening on 6th Nov. Another of Kristjana's pieces to come tomorrow! ...

Something we do a lot. Bronzing parts of a frame to give them lustre. While it's called bronzing, the process is the same whatever the colour... gold, silver, bronze or copper. ...

Limited space in the customer's gallery resulted in this framing solution. An #acrylicboxframe made from #Optium, the museum grade acrylic from @truevue. It frames a #davidhockney print. ...

This #pictureframe uses internal illumination from #LED lights to create the intense glow on the highlights. Very dramatic. The artwork is by @sirishill. ...

It's #halloween, so here's a topical frame. Just made by us under the art direction of @kristianaswilliams for her upcoming show @paulsmithdesign. This piece and many others will be on display at Paul Smith's #AlbemarleStreet flagship store in #Mayfair, opening on 6th Nov. More pieces to come shortly! ...

This attractive #RabbetJoint was cut to make a #pictureframe from @roseandhollis A42 in Oak. The frame is for a large work by @karlmartens, for @cricketfineart gallery in #fulham. ...

We framed this little pen and ink sketch by #GeorgeSoper RE (1870-1942) in three @LarsonJuhl frames, merged together to appear as one #frame. The middle textured #moulding has been turned around, with its #rebate sitting on the outer #moulding. The inner #rebate, supporting the glass, is attached as a separate trim. The #mount is two layers of 3mm @LarsonJuhl Minuet mountboard, with a hand #scribed double #deboss. ...

This seven foot long fish on thin Japanese paper was float mounted using stainless steel pins around its perimeter. The frame is a 40mm square section in Ash (@roseandholis A115) with a #limewash finish. ...

This 19c Japanese concertina artwork has been framed in a shallow #acrylicboxframe with a linen facing on its back panel. ...

This beautiful painting by @SergeMarshennikov, Soft Awakening, 2018, Oil on canvas, 61 x 61 cm was framed in a dark brown hand stained and varnished Obeche tray frame. ...

Here's another frame created under the art direction of @KristjanasWilliams studio. We’ve used a moulding made specially for us by Piaf2 in Norfolk. We create a deep box and then fit the glass, gold leafed vignette made by @danielheath, and a layer of acrylic to which we have applied the artwork. Then comes an 8mm thick Korean made #LEDlightpanel. The end result, a warm glowing gold artwork by day and a vibrant illuminated collage at night. ...

This is an early prototype of a small wall hung showcase we are working on. The challenge here is to have continuous glazing across the front and top of the frame. Watch this space! ...

A few words from our customers

  • I really cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me over the last few months. You've been a dream to work with and have built some truly sublime frames, thanks so, so much.
    C.....@carrie-scott.com - June 2019
  • First of all I wanted to thank you for the work. Not only for achieving my tight deadline but the work itself I really do appreciate the craftmanship. They’re stunning and I have already sold one over the weekend.
    siris----@hotmail.com - 6th April - 2019
  • "...I love it thank you."
    fares-------@gmail.com - 16 March - 2019
  • "Absolute saviour. "
    arthur.laid---@gmail.com - 5th March - 2019
  • "....you guys are great"
    teresa------@gmail.com - 13th March - 2019
  • I would like to say that the framing has been extremely well done and enhances even further the aesthetic value of the photograph.
    penny.mitc-----@btinternet.com - 15th March - 2019