A frame is to art, as garlic is to food


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We’ve recently moved to our new ‘framery’, next to Florian Rd, in a renovated railway arch between Putney Bridge Rd and Deodar Rd..



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We frame pictures, prints and objects. Our frames are bespoke and made-to-order, designed to complement your artwork or home.

Whether it’s a window, float or shadow mount, we’ll make it, we stretch canvasses and make closed corner frames. Our frames are made from pre-finished mouldings, as well as raw timber. We hand finish timber frames in many styles and colours.


We’ve also made frames from reclaimed wood and other weird and wonderful materials. If you can imagine it, we can make it!

Our Framery is a renovated railway arch, between Putney Bridge Road and Deodar Road, near the Oxford Road/ Putney Bridge Road mini roundabout. There’s free parking right outside the Framery. Hope to see you soon.

Helpful and friendly

We don’t bite – whether this is your first frame or your twentieth, we can help you through the process.

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There’s nothing better than mixing and matching our samples in real life


Apart from frames, we also stretch canvasses, cut glass and mounts to size and make bespoke plinths for sculptures.

Colours and finishes to match your home

We can paint any frame in any colour of your choosing. The Farrow & Ball range is one of our most popular options.

In need of inspiration?

If you’re not sure what you’re after, we have a huge wall displaying examples of over 400 different mouldings.

Circular, rectangular, square and even triangular

We’ve made them all!

Cups of tea drunk.



Sq metres of glass cut.

Plasters used.

Frames made.

Frames we’ve made, frames we love…

Our wonderfully enlightened client #kristjanaswilliams threw these items down on our old Oak plan chest and we all agreed the composition looked great. The challenge was making it look as fresh in a #pictureframe. We used some Oak #veneer and #roseandhollis PW102 in Oak, all stained to match our plan chest!! The objects were carefully attached with some strategically placed, virtually invisible, fishing line. ...

We're not in the habbit of showing examples of bad framing, but here's a "classic" which arrived last week. The two large white rectangles above the building are a sign of two errors! Firstly, hinges (the two paper strips holding the artwork in place) should only be fixed in a very small area, whenever possible, above the aperture of the mount, and secondly, without an acid free backmount (the sheet of card which goes behind the artwork) the paper of the artwork is touching the wooden backboard of the frame. Wood contains lignin. This is a structural protein that’s responsible for most of the strength of wood. Lignin oxidises quite easily in air to a yellow or brown colour. It has migrated into the paper of the artwork over time, but has been protected from doing so where the paper hinges are holding the artwork in place. Unfortunately this is a job for a paper restorer!!!⁠

For this period frame we started with a wooden base and then added composition ornament, usually called 'compo' Compo is made from French chalk, rabbit skin glue, water, and linseed oil, the combination of which make its light brown colour. We then applied bole, (also known as claying), and finally 'bronzed' it with a mixture of gold powder and wax. ...

Here's a finish we don't do very often, Oak stained black and then lime washed and polished. Brings out the grain as light grey specks. With the grey mount the sparsely coloured abstract looked fab. This one was for #guysaunders_photos ...

Another subtle frame for Guy, at #guysaunders_photos, a man with great style. This one in #roseandhollis A352, lime washed, and with an extra sight-edge trim added in #farrowand ball Lime White. ...

We framed this 30cm square oil of #ChrissieEvert, by #Andy Warhol in a rosetta style frame, made from #roseandhollis A351 and A279, both run through the table saw for a haircut first. The water #gilding is #cornelissen Red Gold Leaf 23 ct. finally, we added a little linen sight-edge border. ...

You have to smile at this... four colours from the #lionpic confetti range were used to draw attention to this colourful abstract. Having a client #kristjanaswilliams with extraordinary colour confidence helps to pull this one off! ...

Last week I was in The Netherlands, while in Eindhoven I visited the factory of one of my design heroes, #PietHeinEek. I spotted this very subtle Oak frame with matching oak fillet, attached with, rather unusually, flat headed aluminium screws...love it ...

I stayed in the beautiful #gallivant hotel near Rye last week. There were dozens of paintings by the very talented plein air painter #karlterry but also these cute little opening picture boxes with elastic corner ties to hold the artworks. We can make them if anyone would like some! ...

When history it brought to us on the back of a frame, there's nothing so fascinating as finding out more... Aitken Dott was born in Edinburgh where he set up in business in 1842. He married Jane MacOmish in 1848. He was recorded in the 1841 census as a journeyman gilder, living at the home of his father, the stone mason, Henry Dott, then in 1851 as a master carver and gilder at his father-in-law’s address, 74 Lauriston Place, employing six men. More info here https://www.npg.org.uk/research/conservation/directory-of-british-framemakers/d ...

This #claudejammet diptych, each piece measuring 25 x 25cm were mounted onto a panel and then framed in a shallow tray, the background being painted #paintandpaper library Stone III and the outer Oak frame edge being finished in dark brown using a Van Dyke crystal stain and button polish. ...

A cute solution for a cute artwork. This fret-cut paper creation by Putney artist #naomcdowell was sandwiched between two layers of Anti Reflective glass and put on the front of a shallow box frame, which no only highlighted the fragile nature of the piece, but also cast some subtle shadows on the backboard. ...

This lovely oil on board, by Putney artist Margaret Knott was framed in a shallow tray frame. Deliberately set back from the edges, our solution celebrated and highlighted the bashed corners of the artwork, which had been knocking around at the artist's house for some years! ...

These frames started off as two flat pieces of #roseandhollis moulding F5. We put two pieces of it at right angles to one another to form a T shape, from which the final frame was cut. Painted #paintandpaperlibrary Sand II, and fitted up with AR glass, the finished frames looked fab! ...

The artwork is John McEnroe, by American artist, the late #leroyneiman. The moulding started off as #roseandhollis A272, which we veneered in Bird's Eye Maple and stained to harmonise with the artwork. We then added a little sight-edge gold trim. ...

A few words from our customers

  • I really cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me over the last few months. You've been a dream to work with and have built some truly sublime frames, thanks so, so much.
    C.....@carrie-scott.com - June 2019
  • First of all I wanted to thank you for the work. Not only for achieving my tight deadline but the work itself I really do appreciate the craftmanship. They’re stunning and I have already sold one over the weekend.
    siris----@hotmail.com - 6th April - 2019
  • "...I love it thank you."
    fares-------@gmail.com - 16 March - 2019
  • "Absolute saviour. "
    arthur.laid---@gmail.com - 5th March - 2019
  • "....you guys are great"
    teresa------@gmail.com - 13th March - 2019
  • I would like to say that the framing has been extremely well done and enhances even further the aesthetic value of the photograph.
    penny.mitc-----@btinternet.com - 15th March - 2019